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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 25, 2010

  • 7 of the Best Free Linux Online Backup Solutions (2010-10-25 23:02:00)
    LinuxLinks: "To provide an insight into the quality of remote backup services, we have compiled a list of 7 online backup solutions. We have ranked them in our order of preference, with Dropbox carrying our highest recommendation. Hopefully, there will be something of interest here for anyone who wants to keep their data safe."

  • 10 Tips for Tricking Out and Optimizing your Android Smartphone (2010-10-25 21:32:00)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "I've found that being a satisfied Android user is not just about the apps -- settings, configuration and accessories can make an enormous difference. Here are 10 practical tips that will enhance your complete Android experience."

  • Google Revamps Privacy Practices Following Wi-Fi Snag (2010-10-25 20:32:00)
    eSecurity Planet: "Alan Eustace, Google's senior vice president of product and engineering, said that most of the information that was collected was "fragmentary," but that in some cases the Street View cars intercepted entire emails, passwords and URLs from unencrypted Wi-Fi networks, the investigations revealed."

  • On a tour of YALI (2010-10-25 19:32:00)
    LinuxBSDos: "YALI, Yet Another Linux Installer, is the installation program of Pardus, a desktop-oriented Linux distribution with roots in the National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology (UEKAE), Turkey. The next stable release of Pardus will be Pardus 2011."

  • Most Touch Screen ebook Readers Run on Linux (2010-10-25 19:02:00)
    Steaming Open Cup: "Want to go on an ebook-reading marathon for two weeks? You don't need an iPad. All you need is a decent touch screen ebook reader. They can last more than 10 days (not just 10 hours) and, thanks to e-ink technology, so will your eyes."

  • Linux Virtualization Performance Of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Through Ubuntu 10.10 (2010-10-25 18:02:00)
    Phoronix: "Earlier this month we delivered Ubuntu 10.10 benchmarks from some different hardware comparing the performance of this "Maverick Meerkat" release to that of Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04.1 LTS. The results were interesting, but since then we have had the time to complete additional tests."

  • The Small Wonder: Belkin's Connect N150 Wifi Router is Linux-Friendly (2010-10-25 17:32:00)
    Acrossad: "Yesterday, I stopped by my local Walmart to buy a wireless router for my network. I wanted something small with good performance, a good price, and compatible with GNU/Linux."

  • Blender 2.5: Creating a UV Texture (2010-10-25 17:02:00)
    Packt: "Many times, objects contain numerous attributes that define how they look, and they're not always perfectly uniform in relation to the object. For example, a used paint can would have paint dripping down the sides of the can—if we were creating this can in 3D, we'd have to tell Blender that there is a specific spot on our 3D mesh that contains different attributes than the rest of the mesh."

  • Antec 300 Computer Case Quick Review (2010-10-25 16:02:00)
    Linux Planet: "What goes inside a computer case matters more than the case-- but a nice case is a pleasure to use, and it runs quieter and cooler. Here's a quick look at the excellent Antec 300."

  • What does caret (^) in Ubuntu's apt-get command mean? (2010-10-25 14:32:00)
    Shantanu's Technophilic Musings: "If you have come across a tutorial or just someone on a forum who tells you to install something in Debian/Ubuntu that involves using apt-get, it is ok for you but when they tell you that you need to use a caret symbol (^) at the end, that's where you become curious."

  • Desktop Linux: The Presstitutes Strike Again! (2010-10-25 13:32:00)
    Eye On Linux: "A columnist at PC World recently pushed this hoary old chestnut in a column entitled "Desktop Linux: The Dream is Dead." Ugh."

  • digiKam Tricks eBook (2010-10-25 12:47:00)
    Digikam: "When I started covering digiKam on my Scribbles and Snaps blog, I did it mostly to document features I personally found useful for my photographic needs. Surprisingly, the blog articles turned out to be rather popular with other digiKam users, so I kept covering digiKam's nifty features as I discovered them."

  • Linux: What Makes Linux Compelling to Use? (2010-10-25 12:03:00)
    The ERACC Web Log: "Almost all Linux based articles that try to "sell" Linux do so by comparing Linux to some other operating system. Not one of these articles I have seen recently attempts to market Linux on its own merits."

  • Preview: Linux Mint 10 "Julia" GNOME RC (2010-10-25 07:03:00)
    Das U-Blog by Prashanth: "For the few years that I've been reading software news and reading about new Ubuntu releases, I don't think I've ever seen one that's generated as much talk and/or hype as version 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat"; this is rather anticlimactic as well considering that this version isn't close to as revolutionary as version 10.04 LTS "Lucid Lynx" was"

  • Nine questions for a great Linux Day (or any other moment) (2010-10-25 03:03:00)
    Zona-M: "The organizers of the first Linux presentation in an Italian shopping center asked me to prepare a short list of questions to hand out to all the visitors of that shopping center. They specifically asked for short, very simple questions that would fit in one page and help everybody"