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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 26, 2010

  • Oracle OpenOffice.org vs. TDF LibreOffice (2010-10-26 21:32:53)
    Linux Journal: "Dave Neary, a respected GNOME and GIMP developer, suggests that rush to judgment is not only pre-mature, but possibly incorrect."

  • Find the Shutter Count Value with digiKam (2010-10-26 20:32:53)
    Scribbles and Snaps: "The life expectancy of a DSLR camera is usually measured in shutter actuations. For example, Nikon D5000 is good for about 100,000 shutter clicks."

  • New technology allows copper wire to handle 825Mbps data speeds (2010-10-26 18:32:53)
    Geek.com: "Thanks to some new technological breakthroughs, however, copper wire may be making a comeback. Current download speeds offered to end users range from 2Mbps-50Mbps, but we are all looking towards 100Mbps as the next milestone."

  • Rosegarden - An open source MIDI / audio multi-tracker (2010-10-26 17:32:53)
    The H Open: "Rosegarden is a tool for making and understanding music, a general-purpose MIDI and audio sequencer, score editor, and music composition and editing environment that is released under the GPL, and runs exclusively under GNU / Linux."

  • What's The Fastest Linux Filesystem On Cheap Flash Media? (2010-10-26 17:02:53)
    Linux Planet: "Compact Flash and SD storage cards are everywhere; gigabytes for cheap in a tiny form factor. Most come formatted with VFAT. Inquisitive minds want to know what is the fastest Linux filesystem for these little devices?"

  • License compliance is not a problem for open source users (2010-10-26 16:32:53)
    Opensource.com: "License compliance is a major and costly issue for proprietary software, but the license involved in that case is an End User License Agreement (EULA), not a source license delivering extensive liberties"

  • Ten reasons Linux is the best choice for kids (2010-10-26 15:32:53)
    ZDNet: "You may think your day job is demanding, but it's often nothing compared with providing tech support for the family. That's where Linux comes in, says Jack Wallen."

  • 5 Myths About OpenOffice.org / LibreOffice (2010-10-26 14:02:53)
    Linux Journal: "Most free software accumulates myths. Most people only know about it second hand (if at all), but few are slowed by the fact that they don't know what they are talking about."

  • A Simple Bash Script to Download and Organize Photos (2010-10-26 13:32:53)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "When it comes to dowloading photos from a storage card and organizing them in the process, Rapid Photo Downloader is just the ticket. But if you prefer to do that from the command line, here is a simple Bash script cobbled together by yours truly."

  • B3 Wi-Fi home server review (2010-10-26 13:02:53)
    Linux User and Developer: "The world's best Linux home and small business server has apparently just got better. Russell Barnes tests the B3, Excito's latest Bubba home server"

  • Globbing with zsh (2010-10-26 12:32:53)
    Linuxaria: "In a previous article we saw how to install and configure zsh, today we'll see in detail the options offered by the zsh for globbing or how the shell use some special characters to auto-complete our commands."

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab to Debut on Sprint Nov. 14 (2010-10-26 12:02:53)
    EnterpriseMobile Today: "Sprint has come forward as the latest carrier to detail pricing and availability for the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab, a tablet computer that some analysts and observers see as one of the more credible competitors to Apple's iPad."

  • Quick Look: Super OS 10.10 (2010-10-26 11:02:53)
    Eye on Linux: "I just finished reading a fun and interesting book about Superman and his struggles with Hollywood. So I thought it fitting that I write one of this week's Quick Looks about Super OS 10.10."

  • Ubuntu Aims for Linux Desktop Unity (2010-10-26 09:02:53)
    Datamation: "The next release of Ubuntu Linux could have a very different interface than regular Linux desktop users are used to seeing. Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth today announced that the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwal release would use the Unity interface as its default Linux desktop shell."

  • Is Android Open Source or Not? Let's settle this once and for all (2010-10-26 05:09:53)
    Shantanu's Technophilic Musings : "Is Android really open source or not? That is the question being asked by almost everyone. "

  • Bees' tiny brains beat computers, study finds (2010-10-26 05:02:53)
    Guardian: "Bees can solve complex mathematical problems which keep computers busy for days, research has shown"

  • Linux finally gets a great audio tagger (2010-10-26 03:02:53)
    Ubuntu Geek: "As someone that loves music, listens constantly and is always adding to my collection by purchasing and then ripping CDs, a decent tag editor is an essential tool."

  • Three Acres and a Penguin: Why Distributists Should Try Linux (2010-10-26 01:32:53)
    The Distributist Review: "Gripe, gripe, gripe. Globalization swallows the globe. Monsanto poisons your popcorn. Big Business and Big Government team up to embed RFID tracking chips in schoolkids. And distributists love to hate the whole mess. Cheers! Well, friends, I have good news. Linux. It's time to free your computer."

  • Politicians Tap Sophisticated Online Tracking Tools (2010-10-26 00:02:53)
    Wall Street Journal: "Politicians are deploying sophisticated new technologies to track Internet users—sometimes by name—and identify their political leanings."