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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 27, 2010

  • Intel Core i7 970 Gulftown On Linux (2010-10-27 23:03:26)
    Phoronix: "Intel will be introducing their first Sandy Bridge CPUs in the coming months, which we already know has Linux graphics support well underway, but for now the top-end Intel desktop processors are the Gulftown CPUs that were introduced earlier this year."

  • Cryptography and digital sign with GnuPG (2010-10-27 21:03:26)
    Linuxaria: "As well as documentation for those interested, I sincerely hope that it can raise awareness of the non-security of "electronic mail" and help users to take the appropriate implementation tools."

  • Microsoft to charge royalty fees to prevent Acer, Asustek from using Android in netbooks (2010-10-27 20:33:26)
    Digitimes: "Microsoft plans to impose royalty fees on Taiwan-based vendors of Android handsets for using its patents in e-mail, multimedia and other functions, with Acer and Asustek Computer being targets"

  • Hope for the Future (2010-10-27 20:03:26)
    ZDNet: "We have had friends visiting from the Netherlands for the past few days, with two early-teen-age children. The children, of course, want to be on the computers whenever we are at home"

  • 35 Inspired Android Apps to Boost Your Productivity (2010-10-27 19:33:26)
    Datamation: "Can an Android app improve your life? It sure seems so."

  • The Many Ways of Capturing the Moment With Linux (2010-10-27 18:33:26)
    eCommerce Times: "Just like doing almost anything in Linux, something as simple as snapping a screen cap means you get to pick from a variety of applications designed to get that image from screen to file with just the right combination of whistles and bells..."

  • Meet the Top Android Tablets for 2010 and Beyond (2010-10-27 18:03:26)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "One of the hottest trends in the wireless sector is tablets, as all the major players -- Research In Motion, Samsung, HP, Acer and so on -- are either already selling or planning to offer their respective answer to Apple's iPad."

  • Linux EXT4 Filesystem showing impressive speeds (2010-10-27 17:03:26)
    ZDNet: "More and more articles have been appearing on the EXT4 filesystem. In fact, the article that really caught my eye was one recently regarding the speed of using EXT4 on flash media."

  • Parted Magic review (2010-10-27 16:33:26)
    Linux User and Developer: "Parted Magic is one of the best standalone partition management Linux solutions out there. Sukrit explains why"

  • Generating barcodes with KBarcode (2010-10-27 16:03:26)
    Worldlabel: "Sometimes alphanumeric text simply won't cut it, and you need a bar code — mailing labels, security badges, inventory tracking, perhaps even URL-encoding for mobile phones."

  • Linux Embeds Itself Even Deeper (2010-10-27 15:33:26)
    Open Enterprise: "Because anyone can take Linux and use it as they wish without needing to ask permission (provided they comply with the licence), it ends up being used in lots of places that we rarely hear about."

  • How did we learn to use our computers? (2010-10-27 15:03:26)
    Technology & Life Integration: "It is a common argument that Linux will never make it mainstream because everybody already knows windows. It has been said that because everybody knows windows that there is nobody to teach them Linux."

  • What's really going on with Ubuntu Unity (2010-10-27 14:33:26)
    Cyber Cynic: "As Debian is to Ubuntu, so GNOME is to Unity. What do I mean by that? Well, once upon a time there was an operating system called Debian. It was, and is, a powerful version of Linux. Outside of the Linux community, though, almost no one had ever heard of it."

  • Top 10 tech tricks we're sick of seeing in movies (2010-10-27 13:03:26)
    CNet: "But for every thrilling example of cool-ass tech, Hollywood seems to produce a tired, dated cliche. There's the obligatory no-cell-phone-service scene in horror flicks. There are robots with ATTITUDE in science fiction. There are impossible user interfaces in action films."

  • Day 11 in the SCO v. Novell Trial, Monday, March 22, 2010, Tibbitts, LaSala - as text (2010-10-27 12:03:26)
    Groklaw: "The most important piece of all the Tibbitts testimony is when he testified that SCO needs the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights not only for the products business but for SCOsource. May I point out that this directly contradicts what SCO's CEO Darl McBride told the world in June 2003"

  • Gemalto Sues Google, HTC, Samsung Over Java Card Technology (2010-10-27 11:03:26)
    Bloomberg: "Gemalto NV sued Google Inc. and phonemakers HTC Corp., Motorola Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., claiming the Android mobile-phone operating system used its technology without permission."

  • Has Ubuntu exceeded the Ben & Jerry's hippie threshold? (2010-10-27 07:03:26)
    ZDNet: "Canonical is coming to the realization that it needs to compromise some of its core values in order to make its Ubuntu Linux desktop successful."

  • Attention Mark Shuttleworth: Don't forget most important feature for Ubuntu 11.04 (2010-10-27 03:03:26)
    TechRepublic: "One "feature" that I intentionally left out of that mix is something I want to address now. This "feature" is one that I have gone on and on about over the last decade or so and begs my attention once again. That "feature" is marketing. Let me explain."

  • 50 Awesome Open Source Apps You've (Probably) Never Heard Of (2010-10-27 01:33:26)
    Datamation: "For this list, we've highlighted some newer open source tools you might have missed. We also included some gems from obscure categories, like Mandelbulbs, gene sequencing, and knitting, to name just a few."

  • Of Distros and Donnybrooks (2010-10-27 00:03:26)
    The Blog of Helios: "We're all aware of the Distro Wars. Some of us are bloodied warriors...."