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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 01, 2010

  • No joke: A full Gnome desktop on 105Mb (2010-12-01 23:34:08)
    Motho ke motho ka botho: "Careful, this might make you spit out your breakfast cereal. That's a fully updated installation of Linux Mint Debian, after a cold boot and with nothing else running."

  • Hiding Online Footprints (2010-12-01 22:34:08)
    Wall Street Journal: "The makers of the popular Firefox Web browser are exploring ways to create a do-not-track mechanism that could offer Internet users a way to avoid being monitored online."

  • How to sync your iPad with Linux (2010-12-01 21:34:08)
    Linux User and Developer: "Apple makes some great hardware, but their closed eco system is far from Linux-friendly. Thankfully it can be done – here's how you can use your iPad, iPhone and iPod with your Ubuntu Linux computer"

  • The openSUSE and Ubuntu Rollercoasters (2010-12-01 21:04:08)
    Linux Journal: "The Linux World is rarely dull, but last week was an emotional roller coaster for users of openSUSE and Ubuntu."

  • Top 10 shell/bash tricks! (2010-12-01 20:34:08)
    Houcem HACHICHA's Blog: "Following, is my top ten tricks I use when I write scripts or administrate a linux box using bash (or console, if you say so). Note that all commands should work for you except -may be- apt-get, which you should replace with your distro's package manager. Apt-get works for Debian and its derivatives, including of course ubuntu."

  • Nook Color rooted: What does it mean for Barnes & Noble? (2010-12-01 20:04:00)
    IT World: "Should Barnes and Noble fight the efforts to root the Nook Color or should the company let hackers turn the e-reader into a full fledged tablet?"

  • Ubuntu's Unity interface: What to expect (2010-12-01 19:34:08)
    IT World: "Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu is moving from its old GNOME interface to its new Unity interface. Here's what it means to users."

  • Impressive New Look Evolution Mockups (2010-12-01 18:04:08)
    Tech Drive-in: "The following Evolution mockups are so impressive that I really hope someday these changes will be implemented in Evolution partially at least."

  • EU Opens Antitrust Probe Into Google Search (2010-12-01 17:34:08)
    Datmation: "European antitrust authorities have launched an investigation into Google's search business, probing whether the Web company has used its dominant position to unfairly crowd out competitors."

  • How to Buy a Computer Preloaded With Ubuntu (2010-12-01 16:04:08)
    PC World: "If you've ever paid attention to the market share statistics for desktop operating systems you probably know that Linux is most frequently pegged at about one percent"

  • Rebuild kernel- on RHEL Server 6 (2010-12-01 15:04:08)
    Xen Virtualization on Linux and Solaris: "This post follows up "Howto" http://wiki.xen.org/xenwiki/RHEL6Xen4Tutorial ( [1] )."

  • The GNOME 3.0 Shell Is Advancing Too (2010-12-01 13:04:08)
    Phoronix: "Last night an update was published as to the state of Unity in Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1, which is the Unity desktop interface that Canonical will be using in their next Ubuntu release rather than the GNOME Shell."

  • P2P settlement lawyers lied, committed fraud says new lawsuit (2010-12-01 09:04:08)
    ars Technica: "Sending settlement letters to accused Internet movie pirates has become big business in the US this year, but a new class action lawsuit seeks to put the brakes on one of the main "settlement fraud and extortion" outfits: the law firm of Dunlap, Grubb, & Weaver."

  • OSSIM: the Open Source Security Information Manager (2010-12-01 07:04:08)
    Houcem HACHICHA's Blog: " OSSIM is a fully featured SIM solution that offers all the necessary functionality, ranging from the detection at low-level to high-level reporting. "

  • Red Hat Acquires Makara for Cloud Computing Management (2010-12-01 05:04:08)
    The VAR Guy: "Red Hat has acquired Makara, which develops software for managing applications in the cloud. The move could strengthen Red Hat's Cloud Foundations, platform as a service (PaaS) and virtualization strategies."

  • Domain Name Seizures and the Limits of Civil Forfeiture (2010-12-01 01:34:08)
    Larry Downes: "I was quoted this morning in Sara Jerome's story for The Hill on the weekend seizures of domain names the government believes are selling black market, counterfeit, or copyright infringing goods."

  • Creating a moving story-reel shot with Inkscape and Blender - result (2010-12-01 00:04:08)
    YouTube: "Here's the final result of the pan and zoom background plate shot for use in the story reel for "Lunatics/No Children in Space." Created using Inkscape and Blender."