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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 29, 2010

  • More command-line fun (2010-12-29 22:32:59)
    Distrowatch: "This week I'd like to cover some command line tips and tricks. There are a lot of tasks which can be completed with one or two lines and I'd like to share a handful that I've found useful."

  • How You Know When It�s Time to Switch to Linux (2010-12-29 22:02:59)
    PC World: "It's easy to be content with your computer installation as long as it keeps doing what you want it to without too much trouble. When frequent problems arise, however, it's hard to remain faithful for long."

  • Paul Allen Refiles Massive Patent Suit Against Tech Heavies (2010-12-29 21:02:59)
    Datamation: "A company owned by Paul Allen, the billionaire investor and Microsoft cofounder, has reintroduced a patent-infringement lawsuit against some of the nation's biggest Internet companies, including Google and Apple."

  • Microsoft: Novell is toast and the patent Juggernaut rolls on (2010-12-29 19:32:59)
    Free Software Magazine: "The end of 2010 has been interesting. Mass defections from Oracle's OpenOffice team and the software is ported as LibreOffice. Then Mark Shuttleworth announces that Wayland is in, Xorg is out and Unity will be the next Ubuntu desktop."

  • The Big Presentation: The Familiar, the Frustrating and the Flashy (2010-12-29 18:32:59)
    LinuxInsider: "The world of Linux includes several options for users who need to create slide presentations in the style of Microsoft PowerPoint. OpenOffice.org's Impress does a great job of mimicking most of PowerPoint's functions, giving Redmond refugees a familiar tool."

  • Allen v. World and Dog - First Amended Complaint (2010-12-29 18:02:59)
    Groklaw: "Paul Allen's Interval Licensing has met the deadline to file an amended complaint [PDF] with specificity. If you can read it without passing out laughing and/or having your head explode with disgust, I'd like to know what happened to you as a child that blunted your normal emotions"

  • 21 More Notable Free Linux Games (Part 3 of 3) (2010-12-29 16:02:59)
    LinuxLinks: "This article is the third and final part in this series. If you missed the first two parts, they are available to read here: Part 1, Part 2. We have again tried to cover a wide range of game genres. Hopefully there will be something in this article which will be of interest to any type of gamer."

  • Apologies about the Slackware Review (2010-12-29 15:32:59)
    Das U-blog: "A couple days ago, I reviewed Slackware 13.1. I wanted to see if I could use it post-installation, though from what I had read from commenters and writers on various blogs, it would be tough. At the end, it did prove to be as tough (and for me, fruitless)"

  • The Right's war on Net Neutrality (2010-12-29 15:02:59)
    Daily Kos: "No one, other than the big telcos, seems to be particularly happy with the FCC's Net Neutrality rules, as Chris documented earlier. But it's important to be clear about what it is exactly the Right is doing on this one. It's death panels all over again."

  • DesktopNova Background Changer For Gnome & Xfce Desktop Environments (2010-12-29 14:32:59)
    LinuxNov: "DesktopNova helps you to auto change backgrounds after an adjustable time from multiple files and folders you can add it to different profiles."

  • Ex-Red Hat CEO Szulik sues over $60M loss (2010-12-29 14:02:59)
    Triangle Business Journal: "Former Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik, his wife, father and other family members have filed a federal suit against a St. Thomas-based investment advisory firm, claiming the family lost $60 million in high risk and illiquid investments they did not approve."

  • Dependency-confessions of a slacker (2010-12-29 13:32:59)
    Linux Beginner: ""Recently there has been a thread at the Slackware-forum (at linuxquestions.org) about the occupation of Slackware-users. It was expected there would be a great deal of IT-workers amongst them. But instead, the answers showed that there were all kinds of professions. It's not a uniform community"

  • Buying a Dell without Windows is not easy, but possible (2010-12-29 11:02:59)
    The Geek Stuff: "Buying a PC from any large manufacturer/retailer without a copy of Windows pre-installed is difficult. You have some companies that refuse to sell a machine if you want Windows removed"

  • Linux in education: a genuine alternative (2010-12-29 09:02:59)
    TechRadar: "Using free software in education is not just about saving money. It's also about preserving choice, not locking a student's experience into a certain way of doing something."

  • Time of Trolling (2010-12-29 07:02:59)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "The Internet was invented for effortless sharing of information. Creators and purveyors of information, however, do not always intend for it to be effortlessly and freely shared."

  • How to Restore Missing Volume Control Icon/Button in Ubuntu Linux (2010-12-29 03:02:59)
    Tech Source: "One of the most annoying bugs in the latest versions of Ubuntu (versions 10.04 - 10.10) is the disappearing or missing volume control applet from the system tray inside the GNOME panel."

  • The Top 5 Networking Stories of 2010 (2010-12-29 01:02:59)
    ZDNet: "I'd much rather write about what was new and neat about networking in 2010, but the sad truth is I think the many of the most important networking stories in 2010 were about regulations rather than innovations."