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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 14, 2011

  • 10 Ubuntu re-spins I'd like to see (Mar 14, 2011, 23:05)
    TechRepublic: "Jack Wallen let's his imagination go wild and creates some Ubuntu-based distributions that could have real world applications. Along the way, he creates some just for fun. Let us know which ones YOU would like to see."

  • The Sony Class Action's First Amended Complaint, as text - Updated (Mar 14, 2011, 22:05)
    Groklaw: "At the center of the plaintiffs' claims, if the judge allows them this time, is the idea of fairness, that people paid extra to get Linux functionality, and then they either had to give it up to keep gaming or retain OtherOS but lose gaming. Either way, they lost something of value that they had paid for."

  • Net neutrality: who cares? (Mar 14, 2011, 21:35)
    BBC News: "Do you care about or even understand the issue of net neutrality? I bet that for most people the answer is first net what? And then no."

  • Top Linux Distros For Every Level User (Mar 14, 2011, 21:05)
    Datamation: "In the past I've spent a tremendous amount of time talking about the various ways desktop Linux needs to be easier for new users. At the same time, I haven't turned a blind eye to those who prefer to actually "learn Linux""

  • Ubuntu Linux and GNOME: The Disputes continue (Mar 14, 2011, 19:35)
    ZDNet: "But, when it comes to the desktop, no matter how you measure it, Linux has never how more than a tiny share of the desktop market. Why?"

  • 7 of the Best Free Graphical User Interfaces for R (Mar 14, 2011, 19:05)
    LinuxLinks: "R is an open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It consists of a language together with a run-time environment with a debugger, graphics, access to system functions, and scripting."

  • openSUSE 11.4 rocks despite missing GNOME (Mar 14, 2011, 18:35)
    The Register: "Review: openSUSE 11.4 brings a host of KDE and GNOME updates, the first release of OpenOffice fork LibreOffice, and numerous speed improvements."

  • Customise Ubuntu with GRUB (Mar 14, 2011, 17:35)
    APC: "The boot loader for Ubuntu, and indeed most all Linux distributions, is GRUB: the GRand Unified Bootloader. We show you how to get your hands dirty."

  • Calxeda's ARM chips designed for 480-core servers (Mar 14, 2011, 17:05)
    Computerworld: "Calxeda on Friday revealed initial details about its first ARM-based server chip, designed to let companies build low-power servers with up to 480 cores."

  • Fourth Quarter PC Sales Hit New Record (Mar 14, 2011, 16:05)
    Hardware Central: "Reports of the PC's pending demise may be a little premature, according to the findings of the latest PC sales report from tracking firm IHS iSuppli. In fact, sales of new PCs hit a new high last quarter."

  • The Austin Prometheus Project (Mar 14, 2011, 15:05)
    Blog of Helios: "Anthony now has a computer, and The HeliOS Project was privileged to give him one. But there's one thing Anthony doesn't have...and probably wouldn't have for a while. Anthony Gilbert has no access to the Internet."

  • US Proposals For Secret TPP 'Son Of ACTA' Treaty Leaked; Chock Full Of Awful Ideas (Mar 14, 2011, 14:05)
    TechDirt: "The USTR has shown what it's learned from the ACTA negotiations: which is that it can absolutely get away with unprecedented levels of secrecy. It has no problem sharing details with industry representatives, but the public and consumers who will be most impacted by the intellectual property rules found in TPP are kept completely away."

  • Metasploit 3.6 delivers the 'loot' for open source and commercial vuln/pen testing (Mar 14, 2011, 13:35)
    eSecurity Planet: "The Metasploit vulnerability testing framework is out with a major update this week, providing new capabilities to help enterprises ensure security compliance."

  • My (first) 10 years of GNU/Linux usage (Mar 14, 2011, 13:05)
    Maratux: "Just about these days it's my 10th anniversary as a GNU/Linux user and it all started, irony of ironies, as a consequence of BSA's activities (or so the gossip said at the time)."

  • Weekend Project: Benchmark Your Browsers on Linux (Mar 14, 2011, 11:05) "With the Firefox 4.0 release right around the corner, the big question for a lot of users is how fast is Firefox 4.0? How does the new Moz compare with Google Chrome, Opera, and the rest?"

  • 'Free' Culture Folks Discuss Models For Sustainable Creativity (Mar 14, 2011, 03:05)
    TechDirt: "It digs into what the current state of the market is in music, filmmaking, writing & publishing, fashion and software, and then looks at various economic models that can be used to support all of those."