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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 15, 2011

  • 59 Open Source Tools That Can Replace Popular Security Software (2011-03-15 16:33:14)
    Datamation: "It's been about a year since we last updated our list of open source tools that can replace popular security software. This year's list includes many old favorites, but we also found some that we had previously overlooked."

  • Cell phones are 'Stalin's dream,' says free software movement founder (2011-03-15 16:03:14)
    Network World: "Corporations and mass media "have to a large extent convinced Americans ... that they're not entitled to refuse businesses whatever businesses want. Well, we need a spirit of resistance in America."

  • Elementary OS Beta Reviewed - Very Polished, Minor Niggles (2011-03-15 15:33:14)
    Tech Drive-In: "I concede that I am a big fan of Elementary Project and the goodies it brought to the Linux desktop eco system. I also accept the fact that, reviewing a developer only preview of an application and calling it "not ready yet" is kind of self defeating."

  • Bodhi Linux 0.1.7 and the Enlightenment Desktop (2011-03-15 15:03:14)
    Anarchy != Chaos: "Bodhi has released 0.1.7, a further development release of the Bodhi Enlightenment desktop Linux distribution. As I've mentioned before, Bodhi is focusing on providing usability with a minimal footprint."

  • 10 best alternative operating systems (2011-03-15 14:03:14)
    TechRadar: "Right now, someone, somewhere is developing the killer operating system feature of the future - a feature that will change computing and make us wonder how we lived without it."

  • 'Open core' works for us: Jaspersoft chief (2011-03-15 13:33:14)
    IT Wire: "Jaspersoft, maker of the world's most widely used business intelligence software, is moving to expand its business relationships in Australia as it tries to consolidate its position ahead of the competition."

  • Audacity: The Free Dimensional Sound Editor, Part Two (2011-03-15 11:03:14)
    Linux Magazine: "Learn how to mix sound and voice to create professional and audacious effects for your next audio project."

  • The 5 Days of find (2011-03-15 09:03:14)
    Bashshell: "Our "5 days of find" tutorial series is in full swing. This short-course includes tutorials, videos and exercises which are rolled out each day in an effort to help admins use the find command more confidently."

  • Weekly Ten: Money in Open Source, Android speaks in Morse code, Old-School Linux Was Better (2011-03-15 07:03:14)
    Tech Source: "1. Is There Money in Open Source?"

  • Zorin OS 4 (2011-03-15 05:03:14)
    Desktop Linux Reviews: "Many people coming from Windows try Ubuntu Linux as their first Linux distribution. But Ubuntu itself, while very good, may not always be the best choice."

  • On switching to KDE/Xfce (2011-03-15 03:03:14)
    jcm's blog: "So call me old fashioned, but I don't like the direction being taken by modern "User Experience" design. To me, GNOME Shell provides an experience that I am supposed to love, but it doesn't empower me..."

  • 4 disappointments from OpenSuSE 11.4 (2011-03-15 01:33:14)
    Linux notes from DarkDuck: "Did I enjoyed my long awaited Tux immediately after that? Unfortunately, no. Instead, there were 4 disappointments which I faced with. But let me describe them one-by-one."