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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 20, 2011

  • Microsoft Patent Case in the Supreme Court Hands (2011-04-20 21:11:03)
    Linux and Open Source Blog: "We often think of Microsoft as being the aggressor in patent lawsuits. Who can forget their efforts to patent smilies or, more recently and seriously, its anti-Android patent lawsuits. But, remember that Microsoft has often been found guilty of violating patents itself in such cases as against Uniloc."

  • NYSE UK Red Hat data centre concerns rife following fresh NASDAQ bid (2011-04-20 20:03:17)
    ComputerWorld UK: "NASDAQ has already promised to move to a single trading platform in the event of a merger with NYSE. That platform is likely to be based on Linux systems. Its Genium INET platform, which would be the centre of a merged equities trading operation, runs on Linux in a reported C++ environment, and claims to deliver an average 97 microsecond latency."

  • What Happened to Real Open Source Phones? (2011-04-20 16:03:11)
    Datamation: "Remember the OpenMoko FreeRunner? It was an open handset, a totally hackable, user-configurable, bend-it-shape-it-any-way-you-want-it phone. It could have made the openness of Android and its attendant phones look as opaque as Apple. And to the surprise of almost no one but the makers, it went nowhere."

  • Linux Top 5: SCO Sells Out, Oracle Stops Selling (2011-04-20 12:07:08)
    Linux Planet: What were the top 5 Linux stories last week?

  • OpenOffice and LibreOffice Won't Be Kissing and Making Up (OStatic.com) (2011-04-20 06:07:23)
    OSTATIC: "After last Friday's Oracle announcement that they were going to move OpenOffice.org to a community-based project everyone wondered what would be the result concerning The Document Foundation and LibreOffice. Would there be a reunification?"

  • Installing Cherokee With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Debian Squeeze (2011-04-20 02:11:32)
    HowtoForge: "Cherokee is a very fast, flexible and easy to configure Web Server. This tutorial shows how you can install Cherokee on a Debian Squeeze server with PHP5 support (through FastCGI) and MySQL support."