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Infrastructure Linux News for May 17, 2011

  • The Perfect Desktop - Kubuntu 11.04 (May 17, 2011, 19:11)
    HowtoForge: "This tutorial shows how you can set up a Kubuntu 11.04 desktop that is a full-fledged replacement for a Windows desktop, i.e. that has all the software that people need to do the things they do on their Windows desktops."

  • Get the Best of Both Worlds,Your Own Alternative to the Default Unity Main Menu (May 17, 2011, 17:02)
    Ubuntu Vibes: "You can now permanently have another classic Gnome style menu in Unity itself, thanks to Cardapio. Cardapio has an excellent plug-in system which not only provide similar functionality to the default Unity menu but is actually more powerful than it."

  • Download VirtualBox 4.0.8 for Ubuntu 11.04 and RHEL 6 (May 17, 2011, 15:02)
    Softpedia: "VirtualBox 4.0.8 is a maintenance release that brings lots of stability improvements and many bug fixes over previous versions."

  • Inside the opengear, Linux powered console server (May 17, 2011, 14:39)
    Netstat -vat: opengear shows off the latest in console servers, powered by ucLinux and the open source NUT project.

  • Evolution or Thunderbird: Which should be the default mail client in Ubuntu? (May 17, 2011, 09:02)
    Ubuntu Manual: "Most of the time the debate ends in a stalemate; then why do we need to point to any one application as the default? This time the victims were the two popular clients email clients - Thunderbird and Evolution to be included in the next release of Ubuntu."

  • Liberating non-free software with Linux-libre (May 17, 2011, 08:04)
    Unixmen: "Released in March 2009, Linux-Libre is in a sense a grandchild of the already established distributions gNewSense and BLAG. Though, UTUTO-e , a Gentto based Linux distro, is credited to have removed licensed linux source code for the first time, Linux-Libre improves considerably on the entire process and is more pro-active in its features."

  • Zenwalk 7, it didn't go well... (May 17, 2011, 01:02)
    Mandriva Chronicles: "Yesterday, I downloaded the Live CD of Zenwalk 7 and I must confess that I liked it a lot."