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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 20, 2011

  • TermKit is Terminal Reimagined, Install TermKit in Ubuntu 11.04 Easily (2011-06-20 20:02:17)
    Tech Drive-in: "If you are wondering, TermKit is not a flashy GUI for Terminal, instead its very much a command line based system made on top of WebKit, the rendering engine used in web browsers like Google Chrome and Chromium."

  • Ubuntu Linux, Day 18: What Is This 'sudo' You Speak Of? (2011-06-20 18:03:17)
    PCWorld Business Center: "From the beginning of the 30 Days With Ubuntu Linux series I have had readers suggest solutions for various issues that involve the command line."

  • Webian Shell gives prominence to web apps (2011-06-20 17:01:14)
    PC Builder News: "Webian Shell is a full screen web browser that has been designed to replace your current operating system. It can be used with Windows, Linux and OS X."

  • 6 Torrent clients for Linux (2011-06-20 16:12:28)
    HubPages: "Having a good BitTorrent client is imperative if you are a Linux user,what is the right one depends on what you do and how you plan to use the sources.With this in mind let's look at some of the best BitTorrent client available for Linux."

  • This Was a First... (2011-06-20 14:02:17)
    The Blog of Helios: "I kept my mouth shut. That doesn't happen often, especially when it comes to the thrust and parry during a Windows vs. Linux match."

  • Online resource collection for Linux Administrators (2011-06-20 13:04:13)
    Linuxaria: "These are some sites I use to do specific jobs, I hope they can serve you well too."

  • 6 free Android apps that challenge iPhones market (2011-06-20 12:01:22)
    IB Times: "With Blackberry’s market share dropping, Android has stacked up head to head with Apple’s iOS in terms of its offering of a handful of free apps."

  • Import PDFs with Open Office extensions and more (2011-06-20 11:07:46)
    Open Source Insider: "The standard install of Open Office for Mac is not the interesting part of this story, but please stay with me, we're almost there."

  • Windows' Endgame. Desktop Linux's Failure. (2011-06-20 10:03:19)
    Linux and Open Source: "The latest real-world data on web usage confirms that Microsoft's once-dominant position in the world of personal computing is crumbling. That’s not me, the Linux guy speaking. No, that's Ed Bott, who's as much a Windows fan as I am a Linux fan."

  • Apache Traffic Server 3.0 Accelerates Performance (2011-06-20 08:04:14)
    ServerWatch: "The new Apache Traffic Server 3.0.0 release can handle more then 200,000 requests per second, which developers note is a 277 percent improvement over Traffic Server 2.0."

  • How GitHub Saved OpenSource (2011-06-20 06:02:27)
    Eaves: "For a long time I've been thinking about just how much Github has revolutionized open source. "

  • Editing HD video: linux vs imovie (2011-06-20 02:03:18)
    EveryDayLHT: "So linux to the rescue. I do all my video editing in kdenlive, so the attempt at using iMovie was a bit of an experiment. With linux, I just connect my camera, and add the .MTS files to the project."