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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 22, 2011

  • PlanetLab creates a 'more advanced sudo' (2011-06-22 23:01:04)
    ComputerWorld: "Researchers at the PlanetLab global research network have developed a potential replacement for the widely used Unix sudo tool, called Vsys, that will offer administrators far greater control over what end users can and can't access."

  • Dropbox Security Glitch Allowed Anyone to Access User Accounts (2011-06-22 16:02:19)
    Help net Security: "Web-based file hosting service Dropbox has confirmed that a bug introduced by a code push allowed anyone to access any user account by simply typing in a random password for a period of nearly four hours."

  • First glimpse of Ubuntu Software Centre 5.0 (2011-06-22 14:03:19)
    Ubuntu Manual: "One thing in Ubuntu, which has always hit rock bottom in terms of popularity, is Ubuntu Software Centre. The reason often cited is its weak design and layout."

  • The Best & Fastest Computers are Linux Computers (2011-06-22 11:03:18)
    Linux and Open Source: "While Linux still has trouble getting a grip on the desktop, everywhere else Linux rules. No where is that clearer than it is in the fastest of the fast: the supercomputers."

  • Firefox 5 Benchmarked: Faster And Better Than Ever Before! (2011-06-22 09:01:42)
    Digitizor: "In this benchmark, lower scores (time) means better performance. In our earlier benchmarks, Firefox is always slower than other browsers such as Chrome and Opera. Let us see how well Firefox 5 does."

  • 50 Must-Have Open Source Apps for Your Home Office (2011-06-22 07:03:19)
    Datamation: "Whether they work for themselves, a small business or a large multinational corporation, all of these workers need good software for their home offices."

  • Linux: OpenType Font Challenge (2011-06-22 06:01:24)
    ERACC Web Log: "My goal is to show how easy installing fonts could be for a non-geek newbie that is 'scared' of the command-line. Based on some feedback I have seen, that was not clear originally."

  • Monitoring User/Application Activity with psacct (2011-06-22 01:03:02)
    BashShell.net: "One of the big advantages of using psacct on your server is that it provides excellent logging for activities of applications and users."