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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 25, 2011

  • OIN-A patent pool to protect Linux users from lawsuits (2011-06-25 23:02:16)
    Unixmen: "OIN or the Open Invention Network is an industry-supporting independent group consisting of Linux users in a linux-logoroyalty-free environment and be protected from lawsuits for license infringement by proprietary software owners."

  • Linux is all growed up now (2011-06-25 19:00:07)
    ITWorld: The memes we clung to in days past should be let go

  • Open source music identification technology launched (2011-06-25 15:03:17)
    CMU: "A digital company called The Echo Nest has launched a Shazam-style technology that is open source, and can therefore be used by any developers wanting to incorporate audio-based music identification into their product."

  • Weekend Project: Setting up DNS Service Discovery (2011-06-25 09:00:53)
    Linux.com: DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD) is a component of Zeroconf networking...

  • Exploring Art with Chrome Store (2011-06-25 07:01:14)
    Computer Geek: "Being an artist in heart, I started to explore different drawing apps in the store. In this post I would like to introduce you to three different apps and my experience with them."

  • Oracle's patents case against Google weakening (2011-06-25 05:03:02)
    IT World: "Oracle's Java infringement case against Google isn't going exceptionally well for the database giant these days, with another setback delivered by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the form of a patent reexamination this week."

  • Ubuntu Linux, Day 23: Would You Like Some Wine With That? (2011-06-25 01:02:16)
    PC world: "Over the course of the three weeks I have been using Ubuntu so far for the 30 Days With Ubuntu Linux series, there have been sporadic comments suggesting that I just run this app or that app in a virtual Windows environment from within Ubuntu. So, today I am taking a look at Wine."