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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 28, 2011

  • The Linux Desktop: Rich with educational software (2011-10-28 23:01:22)
    The open source revolution: "Sure, I've used some educational software for GNU/Linux like Stellarium and Celestium which are excellent astronomy programs, but I've never really looked to see what is available for children."

  • Apple open sources its ALAC lossless audio codec (2011-10-28 22:03:18)
    The H Open: "Apple has announced the release of its ALAC lossless audio codec as open source."

  • Top 5 Android Launchers Worth Trying Out (2011-10-28 21:01:03)
    Tech Drive-in: "If you are thinking about customizing Android, Launchers are a good place to start."

  • Xplico a network forensic analysis tool (2011-10-28 19:01:03)
    Linuxaria: "The goal of Xplico is extract from a captured internet traffic the applications data contained. To do it Xplico support a large serie of plugins that can decode the network traffic."

  • Need a Mobile Web Browser? (2011-10-28 18:02:52)
    Webopedia: "There are a number of Web browsers available to choose from – each with its own distinctive look and features. Try this list of 7."

  • Digium Cranks Open Source Asterisk to 10 (2011-10-28 17:00:38)
    InternetNews: From the 'I was a 1.0 user!' files

  • Kwort is Still Around? (2011-10-28 14:01:11)
    OSTATIC: "I noticed on Distrowatch.com that a third release candidate for 3.2 had been released. Because it's been four years since my last look, I thought another was waaay overdue."

  • Desktops the final Linux frontier (2011-10-28 11:04:34)
    socallinuxexpo.org: "Open Source software is alive and well. However, if you asked a member of a PC Club (ie Windows) about Linux, he or she might or might not know about it."

  • A Puppy for Slackers (2011-10-28 06:01:27)
    OSTATIC: "Mick Amadio announced a new puppy built with packages from Slackware."

  • Interview: Eagle Genomics, open source solution provider for genome content management (2011-10-28 02:04:02)
    FLOSS For Science: "This week we have an interview with Richard Holland, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of Eagle Genomics a bioinformatics company that leverages scientific open source software to support its business model."