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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 17, 2011

  • Install LinuxMint12 extensions Mate & MGSE in Ubuntu 11.10 (2011-11-17 23:00:31)
    UnixMen: Linux Mint 12 RC comes with two option of desktop environment: One built with GNOME 3.2 and MGSE and other with GNOME 2.3 and MATE.

  • Kdenlive Part 1: Introduction to Kdenlive (2011-11-17 17:00:38)
    OpenSource.com: GNU/Linux has infamously been wanting for a good, solid, professional-level free video editor for years.

  • Using a Tablet as a Portable Management Console (2011-11-17 16:02:56)
    ADMIN: "The tablet computer is the new portable sweat shop. You're chained to the job. You're available 24/7x365 with a device that can deliver what you need for almost as long as you need it with no wired tethers."

  • Test To Give When Hiring or Interviewing a Junior Linux System Administrator (2011-11-17 15:04:01)
    Linux Forums: "In our experience, the best way to gauge an employees skill set is to put them in front of a command line interface and have them execute a number of straightforward tasks."

  • SOPA sponsors deride criticisms as 'myths' (2011-11-17 13:01:22)
    IT World: "The SOPA bill, which is more stringent of the two bills being fast-tracked through Congress, would enable the US Attorney General to send court orders to DNS server operators ordering that DNS servers stop resolving the domain names of infringing sites to their matching IPs. Search engines would also be required to remove or block links to these sites."

  • Serving CGI Scripts With Nginx On OpenSUSE 11.4 (2011-11-17 12:02:17)
    HowtoForge: "This tutorial shows how you can serve CGI scripts (Perl scripts) with nginx on OpenSUSE 11.4. While nginx itself does not serve CGI, there are several ways to work around this."

  • Using a Simple Firewall in CentOS 6 (2011-11-17 11:01:36)
    BrginLinux: "The firewall has changed in CentOS 6 but it still provides a simple way of setting up a firewall. The first thing to do is install the tui."

  • Best Dictionary Apps for Android (2011-11-17 10:02:11)
    Tech Laze: "If you're an Android user and are looking for some good dictionary apps to try out, read on as we cover the best ones for the platform."

  • KDE vs. Trinity: Is One Really Better? (2011-11-17 08:00:32)
    Datamation:How does KDE 4 compare with Trinity, the fork based on KDE 3? The advantages are not as one-side as you might think.