BSD Today: Speed surfing (Part 2) with w3m

[ Thanks to Jeremy
for this link. ]

“w3m, which, according to the FAQ, stands for “WWW-wo-miru”
(which means “see the WWW”), is a great text-based web browser. The
author, Akinori Ito of Yamagata University in Japan, first released
w3m in 1995; it was based upon his pager, fm, which did not wrap
(or fold) long lines and simply shifted the screen so you could see
the entire line.”

“Under OpenBSD 2.6, I used pkg_add to install the precompiled
w3m-0.1.6.tgz package. It didn’t come with a manual page, but
/usr/local/share/doc/w3m contained a few documentation files, some
in HTML. So I used w3m to read the FAQ. It came up in color; the
hyperlinks are blue and when highlighted — with the cursor on them
— they are also underlined. Bold is used properly for HTML B tags.
And my version used green text for images — even if they are
hyperlinks. (w3m doesn’t support the HTML FONT COLOR tags like
Links does.)…”

I was running in a xterm and I quickly noticed that the
mouse can be used to scroll the page.
I simply clicked the
mouse button near the bottom of the window (within the text), then
moved the mouse pointer to near the top of the window and released
the button and it jumped further ahead. It can also be used to
scroll back by clicking near the top and then releasing at the


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