BW: API Partners With Atipa Linux Solutions to Spur Alpha Linux Market

“Alpha Processor, Inc., (API), the leading provider of the
world’s fastest 64-bit microprocessor and related technologies, and
Atipa Linux Solutions, a leading manufacturer of Linux
workstations, servers and clusters, today announced a partnership
to provide more powerful, affordable and reliable Linux solutions
to the enterprise marketplace.”

“Teaming Alpha processing power and Linux operating reliability,
the partnership will help Atipa Linux Solutions satisfy the
swelling industry appetite for Linux-based IT infrastructure,
targeting Internet Service Providers along with database and
Internet applications. Atipa Linux Solutions’ premier line of
power-machine solutions will be based on API’s UP2000 and UP1000
ultimate performance series motherboards, ideal for
high-performance scientific computing or ISP clustered servers or

“As part of this partnership API also gains the rights to
exercise an equity option in Atipa Linux Solutions, demonstrating
its ongoing commitment to support the Linux field.”

Press Release