BW: Cybernet’s NetMAX FireWall to Protect the End-of-the-Earth

Antarctic Support Associates, the Denver, Colorado-based
company contracted by the National Science Foundation to build and
maintain the South Pole’s communications systems, is installing
Cybernet System’s NetMAX for Linux as their gateway to the rest of
the world.

“I saw NetMAX FireWall on the shelf (at a leading retailer),”
said Jeff Thompson, vice president of technology for Antarctic
Support Associates. “Its simplicity of installation, not to mention
its reasonable price, is just what I’m looking for to help protect
our systems….”

“NetMAX FireWall, part of a suite of NetMAX thin servers,
dramatically simplifies network firewall/router installation and
management, lowers costs, and delivers all the necessary software,
including a complete version of the Red Hat(TM) Linux OS
(Nasdaq:RHAT), in one integrated product. A relatively
unsophisticated user can set up a NetMAX FireWall system quickly
and easily through a few simple mouse clicks.”

Press Release