BW: EBIZ’s Linux Community Portal, LinuxWired.net, Adds New Free “Classifieds” Service

“EBIZ Enterprises Inc. the leading source for Linux products,
technical support and community services Friday announced the
addition of the “LinuxWired Classifieds” service for

“LinuxWired.net Classifieds is a convenient way to buy and
sell goods, products and services, advertise and find jobs, and
meet people over the Internet with similar Linux Community
LinuxWired.net Classifieds is a free service for
all private parties that encourages and facilitates communications
between its users.”

“TheLinuxStore.com, TheLinuxLab.com and LinuxWired.net are
wholly owned divisions of EBIZ Enterprises Inc. — a
publicly-traded company, located in Scottsdale. TheLinuxStore.com
is the leading source in the Linux(R) market, providing a complete
line of Linux-based product solutions, community resources,
services, and technical support.”

Press release