BW: First Free Commercial Open Source H.323 Annex F Stack Running on Linux from Vovida Networks

“The H.323 standard provides a foundation for audio, video
and data communications across IP-based networks.
By complying
with H.323 multimedia products and applications from multiple
vendors can inter-operate, allowing users to communicate without
concern for compatibility and allows customer products to
interoperate with other H.323 compliant products.”

“With the release of H.323 (version 2) Annex F,” said Cullen
Jennings, Vice President, Engineering of Vovida Networks,
“designers can enable SETs like fax devices, text conversion
terminals and simple telephones with or without security
capabilities. Applications addressing palmtop computers with
audiocommunications capabilities, telephones with an RJ-45
connector and cellular IP phones can also be created.”

“Vovida Networks strongly believes in the open source

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