BW: Red Hat Linux 6.1 for Compaq Alpha Now Shipping

“Red Hat…announced that Red Hat Linux 6.1 Deluxe for Compaq
Alpha Systems is now shipping.”

“The latest release of the award-winning Red Hat Linux operating
system incorporates easy installation, software update information
and access, and improved system management capabilities. These new
features enable users to harness the power of open source software
in the demanding enterprise and Internet applications that run the
day-to-day business of companies worldwide.”

Customers rave over the performance of their Compaq Alpha
Systems running Red Hat, and they will really be impressed with the
new ease of use features in Red Hat Linux 6.1
,” said Tim
Yeaton, vice president of Compaq’s UNIX Systems Business Unit.
“This release of Red Hat on Alpha is the result of the continuing
close collaboration between the two companies.”

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