BW: TruSOLUTIONS Introduces the World’s Smallest Rackmount Pentium III Processor Based Server

“Designed for Linux and Windows 2000, this System is Targeted
for Data Center Applications such as Web Hosting and Application
Servers; The 1U Tall Server Permits 2 to 3 Times the Number of
Servers to Fit in the Same Rack Space as was Previously

“The product, to be sold under the name TruSERVER 1U-23,
includes an Intel Pentium III processor with varying speed sizes
available, up to 2GB of memory, two 18GB removable hot-swap SCSI
disk drives, one 10/100 Ethernet port, video with 2MB of graphics
memory, a CD-ROM drive , and a floppy disk drive. There is an
option for gigabit ethernet or a second 10/100 ethernet port and an
option for 9GB drives.”

The TruSERVER 1U-23 will be available with Microsoft
Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Redhat Linux, or TurboLinux
The 1U server is designed for EIA-310 19-inch
racks which are predominant in Internet and corporate data centers.
The 1U form factor is only 1.75 inches tall allowing over 40
servers to be accommodated in a single seven foot rack; making this
system ideal for installation into data centers where space is at a

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