BW: X.Org Enhances X Technology Stewardship; Metro Link to Provide Services to Industry Consortium

“X.Org, a newly formed organization of The Open Group, today
announced the successful completion of an arrangement with Metro
Link, Inc., of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., as the official X.Org
development partner. As part of this arrangement, Metro Link, Inc.,
will provide specific services to the X.Org member companies, and
the general public as a whole.”

“‘Since its first commercial release in 1986, the X Window
System has become one of the most successful consortium-developed
open source technologies,’ said Gary Tyreman, Chair, X.Org. ‘Our
selection of Metro Link, Inc., as our development partner
demonstrates that X.Org is serious in advancing the technology and
stability of the X Window System. We look forward to a long and
successful relationship with Metro Link, who is well known in the
Linux and X Window System world.'”

“‘Choosing Metro Link as X.Org development partner is good news
for XFree86 as well,’ said Dirk Hohndel, Vice President of the
XFree86 Project, Inc. ‘Our long standing positive relationship with
Metro Link makes us very optimistic that we will be able to jointly
further the development of the X Window System and to utilize the
synergies from the commercial partners and the open source