Caldera.com: OpenLinux 2.3 Released

From the Caldera Web Site:

“With OpenLinux you can create office documents, presentations
and spreadsheets with Applixware or StarOffice. You can Browse the
Web, read and send e-mail, read and send news, and create Web
documents with Netscape Communicator 4.61. You can host web sites
with the Apache Web server, the most widely used web server in the
world. You can manage email accounts using the sendmail server. You
can share files and printers between Linux, Macintosh, OS/2, UNIX
and Windows clients. You can setup audio and/or video conferencing
for instant communication worldwide.”

OpenLinux includes the latest version of LIZARD (Linux
Wizard) – a powerful but simple-to-use graphical installation.

LIZARD detects your mouse, keyboard, video, sound, CD-ROM, hard
drives, floppy, PCMCIA and ethernet cards to get OpenLinux up and
running quickly.”

“OpenLinux includes the award-winning PartitionMagic and
BootMagic (Caldera Systems’ edition) that enables the sharing of
your PC with Windows. “

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