CCN: LinuxCanada Launches Alongside NewMedia2000 Conference…

“Advanstar Expositions Canada, Ltd. announced today that in
response to industry growth and demand, LinuxCanada, an inaugural
event, will be launched alongside newMedia2000, Canada’s leading
event dedicated to cutting-edge new media technology and digital
content creation tools on May 15 – 18, 2000 at the Metropolitan
Toronto Convention Centre. LinuxCanada will act as a forum for
attendees to view, evaluate and gain essential perspectives about
the software applications and hardware created for the Linux
environment. Robert F. Young, CEO of Red Hat, the market leader in
open operating system software and services, will give the event’s
opening keynote speech.”

LinuxCanada will focus on the emerging Linux operating
system, which runs on a variety of platforms and is available for
free on the Internet.
To date, the Linux system has over 11
million usersand, as a worldwide movement, is providing expert
technical support from a global community on the World Wide

“Linux is having a major impact on business computing,” said Jim
Forberg, Advanstar Communications’ director of Digital Media &
Communications Week. “Companies are recognizing that the benefits
of using Linux extend to the bottom line and overall performance of
their companies. By introducing the Linux platform to the new media
and digital publishing mix, we will provide comprehensive
strategies for business success.”

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