CNET News.com: Motorola promises ultra-reliable Linux servers

[ Thanks to Paul
for this link. ]

“Motorola said today it will come out in May with Linux servers
for telecommunications that will be guaranteed to stay up 99.999
percent of the time–all but five minutes of the year….”

“Swapping CPUs while a system is running is notoriously tricky
and a major improvement for Linux. To accomplish the task, Motorola
has created its own add-in card that negotiates the technical
issues in a ‘hot-swap,’ as the process is known, said David Peters,
director of strategic alliances at the Motorola computing

‘We think (Linux) has reached a very reliable state. It was
pulled from us by customers, as opposed to us pushing it,’

“Start-up Linux hardware companies such as VA Linux Systems,
which boasts of expertise with the relatively young operating
system, also plan to compete in the market.”