CRN: Perception Vs. Reality; Once High-Flying Linux Distributors Now Look Ripe For Acquistion

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for this link. ]

“Linux, the political equivalent of communism in the
computer world, just met capitalism.”

“With sinking stock prices, delayed IPOs, management
skirmishes, continued losses and limited channel interest, leading
Linux distributors such as Red Hat Inc. and Caldera Systems Inc.
are beginning to look ripe for acquisition
, industry observers

“Topping the list of potential buyers is IBM Corp., which is
porting all of its hardware and software products including its
S/390, scheduled to ship in the next few months, and AS/400, set to
ship by year’s end, to Linux. But a host of other Linux backers,
including Dell Computer Corp. and Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), have
to be considering bundling their own Linux distribution and/or
acquiring the Linux assets,service, support and installed bases,of
leading distributors over the long term, analysts said.”