EETimes: Boards support embedded apps over PCI

“Two recent board introductions hammer home the superior
economies of building embedded computing systems on top of an
industry-standard bus that spans the desktop PC to server markets:
PCI. Ariel Corp., here, made the point with its two-board RS4200
subsystem for the telecommunications market; Cyclone Microsystems
(New Haven, Conn.) argues the case with its PCI-916 intelligent I/O
board for a broad range of I/O-intensive industrial

The Ariel entry, targeting Linux and NT servers, is a
high-density remote-access board set for PCI that combines four
T1/PRI interfaces with 96 ports of V.90/56k and basic rate ISDN
remote access.
Dennis Schneider, senior vice president of
worldwide marketing for Ariel, claimed the offering represents “the
industry’s lowest-cost remote solution….”

“Not only does an NT or Linux system equipped with the RS4200
cost up to 50 percent less than service providers normally pay for
a Lucent, Ascend or Cisco remote-access concentrator, but it also
provides a fully functional PC that can be used to enhance
efficiency and performance throughout the enterprise,” Schneider
said. “We think Linux and NT systems will be very attractive to
Internet service providers and system integrators who require a
low-cost, scalable RAS solution that can be readily upgraded to
take advantage of new services like voice- and fax-over-IP.”