Federal Computer Week: Linux grabbing more federal biz

[ Thanks to Linux Today reader DANIEL VERTON for this link.

“Linux, the open-source operating system that for the past few
years has been quietly gaining ground throughout the commercial
world, has established a beachhead in the federal market and is
poised to take over responsibility for some government
mission-critical applications, according to industry and government
experts last week.”

“In one of the first public pronouncements by a government
official of the advantages of Linux, Przemek Klosowski, a scientist
at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, said the
history of Linux – a 1960s-vintage operating system – shows that it
has made a “sneaky entry” into the government.”

“Although no agency has made a large contract award for a
Linux-based system, several agencies are using Linux for a variety
of computing needs, Klosowski told an audience gathered for a Linux
symposium sponsored by Silicon Graphics Inc. in Washington,

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