GNULinux.com: Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 Review

[ Thanks to BeOpen for this link.

“Caldera has always focused on the business market with it’s
OpenLinux series. With that focus in mind, they realized that ease
of use, and stability are of prime concerns. With the Linux kernal,
stability is already covered. Ease of use has been thier mission
focus lately and with this distribution it seems they have
accomplished this task.”

“Upon choosing your software package installation, Caldera
begins loading all the software on your computer while you continue
making configuration settings. This extremely clever touch saves
you from sitting and staring idly at the screen while your packages
load. This is a feature the other distributions could implement,
since the configuration settings are basically the same, but
Caldera handles this more elegantly than the others by loading hte
packages while the user is working on other settings.”

“Caldera has really paid attention to end-users needs and
makes some very well received enhancements to the Linux experience.
These are a few of the reasons some people call Caldera “The
luxury” version of Linux and why Caldera will continue to be the
first choice for business and new users.”


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