Graphics Muse: The impact of computing on society – where the goals of the Linux movement fit in

“I’m often annoyed at the use of the term “world domination” as
it is so freely bandied about by the leaders of the Linux and Open
Source movements. Being a perpetually independent soul, I find such
delusions of grandeur rather appalling. Why, for example, would
I want to exchange the lunatic ranting of one dictator (or two, if
you include Steve Balmer) for those of a collective group of

“But for the sake of argument, lets assume that world domination
is not just a desirable goal, but an achievable one. What then
would be the value of such domination? Would the lives of the
individuals in a society be better off? Would there be progress
towards equality of all peoples? And precisely what would be
dominated? Computer Users? The business of computing? Society as a

“For some unpleasant reason, I actually think about this problem
fairly often. I never have an answer, however. I just keep asking
the same questions…”

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