InfoWorld: IBM to let loose with servers aimed at ISPs, ASPs

“Going after what many analysts believe will be an extremely
lucrative market over the next few years, IBM next week at
NetWorld+Interop in Atlanta will unveil its first series in a of
newly-designed servers built specifically for ISPs.”

“The Netfinity 4000R, code-named the Intimidator, is a single
processor server that is only 1.75-inches high, allowing ISPs to
stack as many as 42 units, or 84 processors, in a single rack. IBM
has licensed some of the technology used in the new design from
Network Engines, although IBM officials on Tuesday claim the design
and packaging of that technology is theirs.”

With the 4000R, ISPs have the choice of bundling Windows NT
4.X, any of the four major versions of Linux, and when it becomes
available, Windows 2000. IBM will also offer Linux on its upcoming
RS/6000 server as well as AIX, allowing users to have an all-Linux
solution across the two platforms.

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