IT-Director: Yet Another Linux IPO

The Red Hat IPO served the purpose of proving that it isn’t
just “dot com” stocks that can have dramatic IPOs – open source
companies can also do it.
It will thus be interesting to see
how Andover.net fares at its IPO. It has filed with the Securities
and Exchange Commission attempting to raise $49.6 million in its
initial public offering and it is both an internet company and a
kind of open source magazine company. (Note: We will also need to
watch Cobalt Networks, a manufacturer of Linux-based server
appliances which plans to raise $86 million at IPO.)”

“In the past few months, Andover.net has acquired the Linux news
sites of Slashdot and Freshmeat and is becoming a web focus point
for Linux information as well as for other IT related topics. It
currently claims 2 million visitors to its Web site per month.”