Linux.com: Community Forum: Mainstreaming Linux: Why Not?

“Greetings to the Linux community, as well as to those of you
who are not members of this community. I want to introduce myself
for my first article briefly. I’m the guy who writes comments on a
lot of the Linux.com headlines that are often longer than the
original article itself. That said, I want to get at the heart of
my gripe with Linux.”

“The Linux community is facing a monumental challenge right now
— winning the minds and support of the Linux community itself.
This community holds the power to make Linux succeed, or to fail.
It is in our hands to make the decision, and unfortunately, I feel
as though we are not adequately informed to make this decision. I
see this every day on Linux.com, in articles and comments alike
that say that Linux should never be made available for everybody to
use. It should remain exactly or even more complex than it already
is, and not include the option to make it “easy” for Mr. Joe User.
I have a simple question to assign to this interesting assertion:

Why do you get a flexible and stable computer, while
everybody else is condemned to use “the other OS?” Why do you have
the power to say who can use it and who can’t? Why are you allowed
to use it, and other people aren’t? Why are you allowed a free OS
and other users are not?


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