Linux.com: Linux Like Bottled Water?

[ Thanks to Jeff Alami
for this link. ]

In a computing world thus far strangled by proprietary
operating systems and closed-source kernels, Linux continues to
breath deeply thanks in large part to a flexible General Public
License (GPL).
Contrary to popular belief, Linux is not simply
about getting your hands on `free’ software. Granted, free software
accessibility is incredibly exciting, but this is really only one
of the many perks associated with software under the GPL…”

“Resting steadfast at the forefront of the GPL is the adamancy
of attempting to create a non-monopolistic presence. Linux is not
about controlling the operating system market, nor is it about
affording people with the means by which to accomplish that goal.
The fact that you can obtain free distributions helps safeguard
against such an endeavor. Many distributors do manage to make some
substantial profits, Red Hat is a prime example, but the truth is,
everyone who purchased distributions did so willingly and according
to their own terms. With Linux, there is no more saying, “Well I
have to use this operating system, it is the one that came with my
system.” “I don’t want to spend even more money on another

“Linux is like deciding whether or not to try bottled water. You
can either drink the sediment ridden water that comes from to tap
(proprietary software), or you can enjoy a pristine beverage
packaged by water enthusiasts that contains no bitter aftertaste.
Personally, I don’t mind spending a little money to show my
appreciation to all the people who have shared their skills and
knowledge to bring me a quality OS. Even volunteers need to eat.
Still, the choice is up to you.”

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