Linux Gazette: Creating Installation CDs from various Linux Distributions

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create an
installation CD-ROM from one of the Linux distributions. We will
limit ourselves to IDE CD-ROM writers, any ftp program, the program
cdrecord, and the pre-made ISO images from various Linux
We will also be touching the /etc/lilo.conf

“First, there are two types of CD-ROM writers, CD-ROM recorders
and CD-ROM re-writers. Either will work fine. CD-ROM recorders only
write once to the cheap ($2 or cheaper) write-once CD-ROMs. The
CD-ROM re-writers can also delete and re-write the more expensive
rewriting CD-ROMs. CD-ROM rewriters also can behave as CD-ROM

“Second, in order to use an IDE CD-ROM writer, you must fool the
computer into believeing that it is a SCSI CD-ROM writer. You do
this by attaching a Linux kernel module called “ide-scsi” to your
IDE CD-ROM wrtier and then by loading the ide-scsi module. There
are two ways of attaching the ide-scsi module, by the lilo prompt
or inside the /etc/lilo.conf file. We will assume your CD-ROM
writer is at /dev/hdd. Here is a list that explains what /dev/hdd