Linux in embedded systems

D. Jeff Dionne writes:

For immediate release:

The Microcontroller Linux Project

The uClinux (pronounced you see Linux) project has reached
another milestone. We have completed the testing of the uCsimm.
uCsimm is a 30 pin SIMM module (3.5 x 1 inch) with a Motorola
DragonBall processor, 2Megs of FLASH, 8Megs of DRAM and 10baseT
Ethernet. It can drive a QVGA LCD display directly. Of course, it
runs uClinux. Embedded Linux for almost any device is now cost
effective and simple to design in. Turnkey in fact. Just as Linus
Torvalds predicted, Linux targeted for embedded systems is now a

The final module design is at the board house, and we are now
taking orders for the first run. Packages are available that allow
an engineer or hacker to prototype with the module. Right out of
the box, it will serve web pages! We are hoping to begin shipping
modules in about 5 weeks.

OEMs looking to add intranet/internet connectivity and/or
Ethernet to an existing or new product will find this module to be
a perfect fit for products from internet toasters to internet Nanny
cams to industrial robotics controllers and PLCs.

For a preliminary product brief, more information or to place an
order for the first run, visit the commercial side of the uClinux
project at http://www.uClinux.com

For more information on uClinux, Linux for microcontrollers in
embedded systems, visit http://www.uClinux.org

The uClinux team.