Linux Journal: The Doors of (Mis)Perception?

“With the dust barely settled on VA Linux Systems’ purchase of
the linux.com domain name, we saw Andover.net buy Slashdot…”

“The good news is that slashdot.org and linux.com both continue
to run in a relatively non-commercial fashion. That is, while we
all know, for example, that VA runs linux.com, the content remains

“Enter Red Hat… Red Hat is getting into the Linux portal
business. However, unlike the existing Linux portals,
linuxjournal.com included, Red Hat is unlikely to be

“Red Hat doing a Linux portal just doesn’t make sense.
It would be like General Motors doing an automobile portal or
United Airlines doing an airline portal.”

“And it isn’t fair to the Linux community, the people who have
made this whole Linux reality available to everyone, to have
someone such as Red Hat move into the Linux portal space.”