Linux Programming: Real-Time Programming Under Linux, Pt. 2

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“In Part 1, we looked at how to use Linuxthreads to achieve our
real-time objectives. However, as we now know, pthread * functions
aren’t async-signal safe, and as other C libraries may throw up
problems when working with Linuxthreads, wouldn’t it just be easier
to use good ole’ processes? The answer in many cases, is yes.”

“To exemplify what has been said in this series of articles,
don’t forget to watch for the release of some code to demonstrate
both real-time threaded and process-based, applications.”

Processes offer more options in manipulation, and are
arguably more functional, as they are such an integral part of all
UNIX systems, yet are somewhat more cumbersome than threads. Still,
they are often the best choice for the developer in terms of
portability, ease of use, and flexibility.

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