LinuxDevices.com: ESC debate: Open vs. Proprietary Software

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contribution. ]

In recognition of the burgeoning role of Linux and
open-source software in embedded system development, the recent
Embedded Systems Conference (Chicago, IL; March, 2000) opened with
a panel discussion on: “The Open Source Phenomenon: Is the Embedded
Systems Business Ready for it?”

The panelists were:

  • Michael Tiemann — Chief Technology Officer,
    Red Hat Software
  • Jim Ready — Founder and CEO, Montavista
  • Jean Labrosse — Senior Technical Staff,
    Dynalco Controls, author
  • Bill Gatliff — freelance embedded
  • John Fogelin — VP Technology, Wind River
  • Don Chouinard — Windows CE Product Manager,

Turley (session moderator) — Maybe the the
purpose of open source software is this: “What the hell. Why not
write code, give it away (as open source), and let other people
debug it for me?” What do you think . . . ?