LinuxMall.com: The Man on the Street (Web?) Reviews France’s Open Source Trend

[ Thanks to LinuxNews.com for this link.

“The Reuters story detailed a French parliamentary proposal
requiring software companies to reveal their closely-guarded
secrets for all to see, study and modify. The proponents of the
bill claim that this openness would allow the design of compatible
programs and prevent France from becoming dependent on one type of
operating system (OS).”

Even the drafters of the proposed law are less than
optimistic about its passage–which would give Linux and other Open
Source projects a significant edge in France.

“That didn’t stop a number of people from pointing out the pros
and cons of such legislation on ZDNet’s talk-back forum. John (who
only gave his first name), was “looking forward to the source code
being opened up because then we will all know the true madness
Microsoft has been up to for years. Just think how many bugs and
security holes would be exposed and debugged the very first day as
everybody digs into those monsters called Windows, Office and IIS,”
he wrote.”


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