LinuxMall.com: The View From the Floor: Day One At Comdex

[ Thanks to LinuxNews.com for this link.

“One of the morning’s first presenters, Ransom Love, CEO of
Caldera Systems, Inc. discusses his plans for future Linux
development in business as one of this year’s keynote

“The list of today’s speakers also includes Dr. Michael
Cowpland, President and CEO of Corel Corporation. The company
recently launched its new desktop suite, WordPerfect 2000, in a bid
to wrest a desktop market share from Microsoft’s monopolistic

“The Linux presence here is strong-eyeballing the expo floor
map, at least a quarter of the exhibition hall’s floor space is
designated for Linux exhibitors-and a separate track of Linux
speakers runs counter to other talks going on throughout the
Jon “maddog” Hall, Executive Director of Linux
International, and Miguel de Icaza, CTO of Helix Code are among
Wednesday’s featured speakers.”