LinuxPR: Collab.net SourceXchange Completes First Project – Test Suite For Apache Web Server

“Collab.Net, a leading provider of collaborative services for
emerging open source software markets, today announced the
completion of the first project, a test suite framework for the
Apache Web server, on Collab.Net’ sourceXchange, the premier,
collaborative marketplace for financing and managing open source
software development over the Internet. Collab.Net has also
completed a major revision to the sourceXchange Web site to provide
a new design, improved user interface, and new functionality.”

“Hewlett-Packard Company sponsored the development of
the test suite framework for the Apache Web server. The project
was built on top of an existing open source testing tool and
completed within six weeks.
Encouraged by the success of this
initial project, HP has posted several additional RFPs (Request for
Proposals) on the sourceXchange site that focus on building
components based on its e-speak open software platform.”

“HP chose to partner with Collab.Net because of the company’s
expertise in the open source community and because we wanted to
make a contribution to the open source development model,” said
Carl D’Costa, marketing manager at HP’s E-speak Operation. “The
sourceXchange process allows us to receive high?quality proposals
from open source developers and get our deliverables in a timely,
cost-effective manner. We were very pleased with the sourceXchange
process and look forward to using the site for additional e-speak
projects in the future.”