LinuxPR: Linux Gets Two Journaling File Systems Next Week

The horses are leaving the gate! Journaling for the reiserfs
file system ships next week. It is twice as fast for large files as
the other journaling file system (ext2) shipping out for Linux
Kongress, because it logs only the meta-data.

There is a bit of a horse race going on in the Linux world to
see who can ship the fastest journaling file system first. Big
corporations are hungry for journaling, and applying the pressure
to the Linux community to deliver. Ordinary users are sick of
waiting for their filesystems to fsck. It is one of the last few
things keeping Linux out of widespread use in the big bucks file
server markets.

Stephen Tweedie is leading the ext2 camp’s foray into
journaling, while Chris Mason is being joined by most of the entire
reiserfs team in the last sprint to get journaling out the