LinuxPreview.org: PC Magazine violating the GPL

[ Francisco Burzi
writes: ]

“As published in LinuxPreview.org:

The Spanish edition of PC Magazine for April 2000 is shipped with a
CDROM with Corel Linux 1.0 Donwload edition. Good for this and good
for two articles in the magazine, but there is a big problem here,
the CDROM has a text in red that says: “Prohibida su Venta”, this
means “Sale Forbidden”.

This little text just violate the GPL license under Corel Linux is
distributed. I just drop an email to Angel Bosch, Editorial
Director of PC Magazine en Español and the spanish spoken
Linux community is waiting his answer.

The GNU GPL is clear for the redistribution terms, so I don’t
understant how this happened.

The Linux community needs to be alert in order to prevent issues
like this.

Complete Article with comments in spanish here.”