LinuxStart: Uruguayan SuSE reseller attempts to secure exclusive rights to the Linux trademark

“The Uruguayan Trademark Office has received an application…
to register the name “LINUX” as a trademark…”

“This is an unethical attempt by specific persons to secure
exclusive rights to the Linux trademark…”

“Since Mr Pereira and Mr Place started their activities in
Uruguay with LinuxTECH, they have persistently tried to
acquire, by various means, exclusive commercial rights to Linux in

“Through representatives on their Board of Directors, the
Uruguayan Linux User Gruup – UYLUG has tried to talk with Mr
Pereira and Mr Place, hoping at least to get their application
withdrawn. However, the UYLUG is plainly confronted by people who
use aggressive commercial tactics and who are ignorant of the Linux
community’s principles of openness, cooperation and