M2 Presswire: e-Office Manager file server to cut Internet connection costs by up to 50 per cent

Excellent Technologies…now offers small to medium sized
enterprises a low cost route to direct Internet connection through
its Linux-based e-Office Manager file server.
The unit will
also act as a departmental Local Area Network (LAN) server for
locally held data files in either Mac, Windows or UNIX formats, and
support an Intranet. Using a high-speed cache to host frequently-
downloaded -web pages and an Integrated Services Digital Network
(ISDN) connection, the company estimate that the e-Office Manager
can deliver dial-up charge savings of up to 50 per cent.”

“The product can also be connected directly to an Internet
Service Provider (ISP) over a leased line, either out of the box,
or at a later date, as company needs demand….”

“Security is built into the e-Office Manager at several levels.
The unit’s native operating system is a version of Linux,
implemented by Nixu, one of Finland’s leading e-commerce systems
houses. Linux was chosen as being more stable a platform than NT or
Windows networking. A firewall isolates the local copy of the
company’s “mirrored” external web site and all Intranet functions –
including internal e-mail – from the ‘net. Secure remote
teleworking user traffic is achieved using a mix of Internet Mail
Access Protocol (IMAP) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, to
mask actual addresses and message content during transit. Direct
upload or download of web pages or e-mail transmission from users’
PCs are not permitted; all such requests are routed through the
internal cache and firewall.”

Press Release