Matrox.com: Matrox contracts Precision Insight to develop complete Linux display driver

[ Thanks to Stephen
for this link. ]

“Matrox Graphics Inc. has contracted Precision Insight Inc. to
develop the Matrox G400 XFree86 4.0 Direct Rendering Infrastructure
(DRI) driver.”

“Precision Insight develops drivers for 2D and 3D graphics
hardware within the industry-standard XFree86 X server.
Building on the fast, stable 2D driver and the current GLX
driver already written by the Linux community, Precision Insight
will integrate support for 3D performance and features using the
company-authored DRI architecture.
In addition to 3D
acceleration, the driver from Precision Insight will also enable
the Matrox G400’s DualHead Display multi-monitor feature, as
supported by XFree86 4.0.”

“Although largely optimized for the Matrox G400, this driver
will support 2D and 3D features common to both the Matrox G200 and
G400 chips.”

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