NordU 2000: Call For Participation

The NordU2000 (The Second USENIX/EurOpen) Conference is happy to
announce that our program is now offically released. We are pleased
to be able to offer some really good tutorials and technical
sessions. For the full program and registration details please see

Dates: the confernce will be held between the 8:th and the 11:th
of February, 2000 at Scandic Hotel Triangeln, Malmö,

Keynote speakers

Bernt Ericson – Vice President, Research and Innovations,
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson

Richard Stallman – founder of the GNU project

Steve Mann – inventor of the wearable computer

Tutorial Speakers

Eric Allman – Sendmail, Inc
Bjarne Stroustrup – AT & T Labs
Simon Kenyon – Irial Limited
Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick – Author and Consultant
Brad C. Johnson – SystemExperts Corporation
Aeleen Frisch – Exponential Consulting
Paul Vixie – Internet Software Consortium
Evi Nemeth – University of Colorado, Boulder
Marcus J. Ranum – Network Flight Recorder, Inc

Technical session

Theo de Raadt – the OpenBSD project
Marcus J. Ranum – Network Flight Recorder, Inc
Brad C. Johnson – SystemExperts Corporation
Bjarne Stroustrup – AT & T Labs
Tobias Oetiker – EE-Dept ETH-Zurich
Kjell Högström – SUN Microsystems AB
Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick
Bill Sandve – IBM Austin
Jeremy Allison – SAMBA team
Per Gullfeldt – Compaq
Poul-Henning Kamp – FreeBSD team
Jean-Paul Smets-Solanes – Member of AFUL
Andrew Tridgell – SAMBA team
Gustaf Selén – Åbo Akademi University
Matthias Kalle Dalheimer – KDE development team
Brian Eberhardt – SuperUsers
Richard Guy Briggs
Werner Almesberger
Keld Simonsen – RAP A/S
Lars Hamrén
Dr. David P. Anderson – [email protected]

The conference is arranged by EurOpen.se an affiliate of the
USENIX association, SSLUG Skåne Själland Linux User
Group and DKUUG Dansk UNIX-system Bruger Gruppe.

Martin Wahlen