NY Times: Linux Vendor Set to Get $57-Million Infusion

“TurboLinux Inc., a Linux operating system vendor with roots in
the Asian computer market, will receive a $57 million investment on
Monday from Dell Computer, Compaq Computer, Intel and a variety of
other United States computer, software and investment

The investment is the latest in a wave of private and
public investments in Linux software companies like RedHat,
Caldera, LinuxCare and others.
Last week, for example, Caldera
announced a private investment of $30 million, the filing of its
initial public offering and the settlement of a civil antitrust
suit it had filed against Microsoft for an amount in excess of $150

“TurboLinux said it had particular strength in China and Japan.
The company adds proprietary software to Linux operating systems to
permit Internet sites to cluster together a number of computers
into so-called Web farms, creating more powerful systems.”

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