O’Reilly Network: Deploying Squid, (Part 2 of 2)

“This is the second article in a two-part technical tutorial on
the deployment of the Squid web proxy cache. In last month’s
article, we discussed the basics of web caching, compiled Squid
from source code, and tested a basic configuration. This month,
we’ll add some automation and a sibling cache server to our

“Squid comes with a rudimentary “manager” application. It is a
CGI program that produces interesting up-to-the-minute statistics
on the current Squid process. To use CacheManager, you’ll need to
have a web server installed somewhere on your network. Apache
running locally on the Squid server will be used as the example
here. First, we’ll add a new cgi-bin directory in the Squid
hierarchy, place a copy of the CacheManager application in it, and
change the ownership of the directory and file….”